TS Series (5kW~45kW)

  • DC electronic load
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    Fully Programmable DC Power

    1. The TS Series features programmable voltage, current, and protection settings along with high accuracy measurements. The SL Series functions and features are accessible and configurable from a variety of control methods, including:
      1. Front panel interface with stepless knobs
      2. 37-pin isolated analog-digital user I/O
      3. RS232 Computer interface with software and drivers
      4. Various additional programming interfaces are available, such as LXI TCP/IP Ethernet (+LXI), IEEE-488 GPIB (+GPIB), Edgeport USB Accessory (+USB), RS485 Accessory (+RS485).
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    Designed for Safety

    1. TS Series power supplies have extensive diagnostic functions, including:
      1. AC Phase Loss 
      2. Excessive Thermal Conditions
      3. Over Voltage Trip (Programmable)
      4. Over Current Trip (Programmable)
      5. Cleared Fuse
      6. Excessive Program Line Voltage
      7. Interlock Fault
    2. When in standby or diagnostic fault, the AC mains are mechanically disconnected by an embedded AC contactor, providing confidence that the unit is only processing power when desired. Finally, with a dedicated +5V interlock input pin and included +5V reference on all models, external emergency stop systems can be easily integrated using an external contact.
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    Extensive Programming Support

    1. All TS Series MagnaDC power supplies come with a dedicated National Instruments LabVIEW™ driver, Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) driver, and support for a wide range of Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI). These programming interfaces support full control, measurement, and monitoring of the MagnaLOAD. All of the MagnaLOAD's available communication interfaces are supported by these drivers and command sets, including: RS232, LXI TCP/IP Ethernet, IEEE-488 GPIB, USB or RS485. Showcased in the following basic code examples, SCPI commands provide the simplest form of communication by using plain ASCII text and parameters sent over a basic socket connection. Over 50 commands are provided, with detailed documentation in the TS Series User Manual. Finally, Magna-Power's RIS Panel software is provided allowing for a virtual control panel controlling the power supply via any of the available communication interfaces
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    Current-Fed Topology: Robust Power Conversion

    1. All MagnaDC programmable DC power supplies utilize high-frequency IGBT-based power processing in current-fed topology. This topology adds an additional stage over the conventional voltage-fed topology for enhanced control and system protection, ensuring that even under a fault condition, the power supply will self-protect. Due to the self-protecting characteristics of this topology, the possibility of fast rising current spikes and magnetic core saturation is elimated. In addition to its robust topology, key performance characterics of MagnaDC programmable DC power supplies include:
      1. High-accuracy voltage and current programming accuracy 
      2. Class-leading line and load regulation performance
      3. High 3Φ AC input power factor with in-rush limiting circuitry
      4. Computer and user I/O isolated from the power supply output