FRA2000: Frequency Response Analyzer

  • Frequency Response Analyzer
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    Technical Features

    1. Digital Sine Correlation to remove Harmonics for accurate measurements
    2. Programmable Integration (Sampling) Time will allow measurement of micro-ohm signals buried under noise without the need for auxiliary equipment
    3. Simultaneous V/I measurement to ensure exact impedance and phase information
    4. DDS Sine-wave generation, yielding frequency errors less than 0.02 Hz
    5. Floating Dual Independent Signal Analyzers provide single channel impedance measurements or dual channels to measure transfer functions, transconductance, impedance, signal analysis (FRA) data and other important parameters in polar/rectangular format
    6. User-friendly features include: auto-gain, quick-set ac amplitude, signal overload (signal saturation) protection, and adjustable sample interval without the complicated calculations. The above features allow the user to start measuring impedance without hassles.
    7. Auto-Gain Control and flexible ranges for measuring small signals in noisy environments with 1μV sensitivity while maximizing resolution and precision to obtain an accurate measurement
    8. Universal ac + dc output signals critical for Impedance Measurement/AC Modulation applications in the battery/fuel cell/electronic components & devices R&D, Testing and Production sectors
    9. GPIB/RS-232 and USB/Ethernet provide state-of-the-art connectivity while satisfying diverse throughput/network security requirements
    10. System-level Multi-channel Impedance Measurement can be achieved using the integrated MCU-1 capability and a switch matrix
    11. Impedance Measurement Application Program Included to save costs associated with existing expensive Impedance Measurement Software
    12. Comprehensive application program with premium features - Nyquist, Bode, V/I, real-time display of impedance measurements & operating conditions, frequency sweeps with adjustable amplitude in log/linear form & auto-save for logged data to establish Autologic's FRA as the ultimate diagnostic tool
    13. 0.1Hz Models Available